Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wholesalin' It

(Written on Mike's behalf by Amber, AKA wifey-poo.)

Mike's been working his little tail off and has made some great progress with wholesale. We're really hoping to build our wholesale orders to keep us strong on rainy days and over snowy winters. We've already lined up Bhan Thai - who was already serving Glacier, but now will be our account so they don't have to drive to Boulder anymore. Our second was Patsy's, who has a gelato case in their candy store on 21st street. And Mike just lined up a third that I'm very excited about.

Garden of the Gods Gourmet will now be serving pints of our ice cream in their take-out freezers. They put in their first order today of key lime, tiramisu, vanilla, and coffee. Garden of the Gods Gourmet is a great catering place in Old Colorado City. Mike and I fell in love with it because of their incredible samples and hospitality. We've often made a lunch of their cheese stuffed focaccia or curry chicken salad. And for treats like anniversary or Valentine's dinners, Mike will often treat me with a Garden of the Gods Gourmet spread.

But by far my favorite is their desserts - pear bread pudding with bourbon caramel sauce, peach cobbler, tiramisu...Need I say more? And now if you buy one of their desserts or dinner entrees, you can accompany it with a pint of gelato or ice cream. Great job getting the gig, Mike!

Today Mike was on his way to Mr. Biggs, a local entertainment center (bowling alley, laser tag, birthday parties, etc.) to talk to them about using our ice cream. But first he stopped at the bank. He gets to talking to the man in line in front of him, and who should it be but the man who organizes birthday parties for Mr. Biggs! Mike asked him if he'd be interested in serving a birthday cake ice cream, and he was very interested. They traded cards and will be talking soon. Pretty cool, huh?

So three weeks in and three wholesale accounts down. I'm excited to see what the fourth will be!


  1. You Vans are so fun and exciting, all the time. I feel very boring right now!

    I'm plotting how to make my first visit to your store! SOON!!!!!

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