Friday, July 16, 2010

2 weeks and going strong

Hello everyone! I've been so busy running the store I've hardly had time to breathe. We launched successfully on July 1st. We've had various equipment malfunctions and other hiccups that we had to iron out, but everything is coming together and it's all settling down into a nice rhythm.

We had the biggest opening ever for a Glacier store, according to Mark, Glacier's founder. And the biggest opening week ever. Our numbers have been exceptionally good, and word is starting to get around town that there's an amazing new ice cream store in town you just have to try. I've seen tons of repeat customers just in these first couple weeks.

We're just doing some of our first promotions, tomorrow we're partnering with a clothing store in our center that is doing a radio event, and we've got some more events coming up. Everyone who's tried our ice cream has been blown away.

We've also done some of our first wholesale sales. A tub or two for a golf tournament (also a promotional event). A number of tubs for a restaurant. There's another major customer in the works, we just have to prove ourselves in a tasting, but I'm confident about the result. We just had the people from Patsy's Candies over today (they have a gelato case in their store), and they were completely blown away by our gelato. They said yes right on the spot. We're knocking socks off left and right.

Our employees are doing a great job and I've had lots of good feedback from customers about them. I'm very happy with who we hired. And we're cranking out the ice cream. Good thing, too, because our customers are devouring it. We're already making as much as an average ice cream store, and we're just starting to build our reputation.

It's been a great beginning. Here's to Glacier, the future #1 ice cream store of the Pikes Peak region!

p.s. On a side note, we're getting our take-out freezer stocked with pints; we made our first batch of cakes; our coffee is delicious and people would no doubt appreciate it even more if they could take their eyes off our gelato for a moment; and we've started stocking some of our side items like candy, tea and coffee to brew at home, and baked goods from the Dutch bakery.

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  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! You guys are working your bums off and are blessed beyond measure, too! It sounds like quite the triumph and my only though is....why didn't you do this sooner. This is your cream man! I can't wait to visit with Micah and Joe in the fall. Keep up the great work!