Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't had time to post anything for a while. I have been recording the process, but I've been so busy I haven't been able to write about it. Almost all our purchasing from decor to equipment is completed. The space is coming together, in fact they've painted most of it and have our walk-in fridge and freezer in. The kitchen is mostly done. The fireplace and bookshelves look great!

I'm also very excited about the people we've hired. Our head production worker, Steven, is an industry veteran with 13 years of restaurant work under his belt. Our servers are a great bunch of people. Most are in college (many at UCCS), a couple are recent UCCS graduates, and we also have a couple of high school seniors from a nearby school. We have a brother and sister team on our staff, which should be fun (it's ok, they get along great). We've also got someone who is studying culinary arts.

I spent several days in Boulder last week working in the stores up there, mostly making ice cream and working with their managers to plan our store operations. Everything is going great, and everything seems to be on schedule. Every day there are a hundred things I need to get done, so I should really run and get back to work! I have meetings to go to, T-shirts to buy, supply lists to send out to vendors, packages to pick up, trainings to schedule, marketing materials to write, deliveries to arrange, accounts to update, and a Point of Sale system to program. Bye bye!


  1. Keep working furiously and we will relish your work when you are done! Wow, wow, all I can say. We are so proud of you! Uncle Mike and Auntie Amber are ice cream makers...Micah is excited to meet you! and taste the fruit of your labor. Me too!

  2. I'm so sad we'll be out of town for the grand opening, but we'll come as soon as we're back!